11 Useful Tips For Wedding Makeup

Every woman knows how important the bridal makeup is. The choice of make-up should reflect your taste and style as it is not only about wearing an ivory evening dress, but it is also good to give some space to the specialist you are entrusted with. It may be that the makeup will give you more value than you imagine.

However, it happens to see women with fashionable, overlooked and unnatural maquillage: unforgivable mistakes, especially in the day of the wedding. Shaking your own style is never a good idea.

If you are also getting married, here’s some useful advice on getting a perfect wedding makeup for “yes”..

Get started soon

Once the wedding date is set and the location is chosen, in addition to the quest of the wedding dress. It is also necessary to focus on the tattoo and wig specialists. Better not risk, even better ones are booked several months in advance. If you do not know how to choose then ask some friend who has recently got married.

Do research

Before presenting yourself to the beauty salon, look for some inspiration in fashion magazines or photos of some red carpet or special event. Perhaps a Hollywood look seems to you to be exaggerated, but it’s always good to have a starting point for your wedding make-up.

Present yourself to the test dressed in Ivory color wedding dress

It seems trivial, but it is not a detail to which everyone thinks. Appearing to the wedding dress with ivory dress (possibly of the same shade as the chosen dress) is crucial, as it will help you understand how the make-up will work for your big day. If you have the veil, bring that one or one of the test to see the general effect that can also be viewed in Ivory lace dress for wedding.

The test of bridal makeup? With her hair picked up

Even if you think you do not collect hair for your wedding, you need to go to the test with your free face, to better understand the effect on your facial features. In this regard, we suggest you go to the make-up artist with curly eyebrows and fresh face of anaesthetist.

Do not forget your favorite products

Do you have a lipstick preferred? Take it to the make-up artist and ask to use it or keep it as a reference for your bridal maquillage.

Fake eyelashes? Yes thanks

Even if you have never used it throughout your life, let yourself be tempted by fake eyelashes. Provided they are not too vivid and of great quality. And the mascara must be strictly waterproof, to withstand a tear river and be perfect throughout the ceremony and above all for the photographs.

The choice of the brush

One way to understand which blush nuance is best suited to you? Choose a shade that suits your lips. Additionally, a good advice is to apply a greater amount than you need. The reason? It does not stand out in the photos. Then retouch it during the day.

Glorify the lips

Red lipstick is not banned by the colors of this season’s bridal look. If you want to dare, do it. For all the other, the top shades for a bridal look remain the same, the soft and delicate ones like pink and bare. To give a touch of light choose the glossy variant that goes well with your ivory lace cocktail dress for any occasion.

Take photos and take notes

The emotion of the test of bridal makeup could play bad jokes. That’s why it’s best to document as much as possible the make-up session, with photos and notes of each used product. Very important: look and photograph both with natural light and inside a room.

Put everything black on white

To avoid any nasty surprises, ask the makeup artist to sign a contract or write in writing all that you need and especially the agreed price. It will help you to have no bad surprises on the wedding day!

Just think about yourself

Some makeup / makeup might try to convince you to use a makeup that you do not like. Remember that the final choice is just for you and that it does not count on modes or excesses, the important thing is that you are beautiful and the end result is elegant and refined.

Source by Fred S. Gatto

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