How To Convert Your Printer To Wireless

Ever wanted to carry out remote printing at home or in your office? By simply converting your printer to receive signals via Bluetooth, you will not have to physically attach your computer to your printer with a wire. This makes it possible to place your printer wherever you want, as well as transport your mobile computer anywhere and send print jobs to your printer wirelessly.

Synchronizing more than one computer system to work with your printer is also possible. Multiple people using different computers will be able to use a single printer without the need of physically connecting a wire to it as Bluetooth wireless technology allows two devices to communicate as long as they are within range of each other. You will find that many modern printers come with Bluetooth technology already enabled, so you are able to begin making use of this function instantly. Older printers will need to make use of a Bluetooth dongle. Some popular Bluetooth adapters are: Ambicom’s Wireless Bluetooth Printer Kit, BeeWi Bluetooth Dongle, Belkin F8T031 Blueooth Wireless USB Printer Adapter, Canon BU-10 Bluetooth Adapter and USBGEAR Combo Bluetooth Printer Adapter.

Using such an adapter is extremely easy to set up, and only requires someone with basic computer understanding to accomplish the task. This is the easiest way to convert your non-Bluetooth printer into a wireless device. Keep in mind, however, that the device you wish to print from also needs to be able to send and receive Bluetooth signals. Modern notebook computers may have pre-integrated Bluetooth hardware, although you can easily purchase a USB Bluetooth dongle.

Almost all choices for Bluetooth adapters for printers will give you satisfactory performance and results. After you have plugged your Bluetooth adapter into the USB port of your printer, switch on the power and check if the adapter lights up. Proceed to switch your computers Bluetooth on and check if there are any compatible devices found. Once your printer has been located, you will be able to set it to your default printer.

It is possible to buy Bluetooth adapters for your printer from many different sources. You should explore as many offers as possible in order to find the best deals. These gadgets are not very expensive, and you may find relatively discounted ones available online. Look out for some of the brands mentioned above, remaining clear of buying unbranded or locally manufactured models.

Source by David S Phillips

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