Makeup On The Faces Of Attractive Faces Throughout Time Into The Future

The makeup that our ladies use for public display does make the attraction of the opposites more abundant as our female society walks in the public eye. The view is more pleasant as we pass by each other in public areas and the private areas are enhanced through the pleasure of sight. Is the use of makeup by our ladies a way of being formal throughout the day or just a way of passing on a pleasantry through visual enhancement. In the cities and moderate sized towns makeup use is abundant but when out in the bastions of farms and ranches the pretty faces without cosmetic bloom are more often than with.

Makeup was known to be used as far back as 5000 B.C. by the lords of all to enhance their appearance, protect them from the harms of what nature brought to them outside their stone structures in the way of heat, wind and rain. Men of then on top of the stone structures let the women they held as their own use the makeup also so the realm of their control could be shown to the people below that they were truly the beauty all should look up to as gods of them. As makeup grew into the middle ages of European culture it became frowned upon as witches were put to the burning stake and drowned for being intelligent.

Cosmetics used over the past 200 years were used as a fashion statement of a clean intelligent society as civilized society grew into the being of us and more people than not started to gain financial freedom from those who gain more than others. Women became almost the sole users of makeup to enhance their looks in public and show they were civilized and in good standing. The application of makeup became an art where the right amount and color combination would make a statement that was heard loud and clear good or bad. Makeup applied a certain way by the naughty women in brothels was used to attract the men to have a good time.

Some men in today’s time also use makeup as their way of statement of non compliance to others that are only engaged in supporting their lifestyles through their labor to others of wealth. Even the men who work find themselves using makeup but not for the reasons that women do. Cosmetic companies do produce and profit from the males use of makeup but this male use of makeup is mostly divided by two groups that are one of wealth and one of the goth punk rock movement who do not want to comply with the norms of society.

The ladies of now have gone past the ladies of yesterday and use makeup as a personality statement or to show their distinction to a certain group in society of their ideology. The hair and body has applied colors of what they want themselves to be to the views of others as. The wild looks of some women are for shock and awe while other women’s wild looks are of stunning beauty to the vision of onlookers. The colored hair and carefully applied body makeup of some women can produce some looks that are really works of art and produce visions of beauty off canvas. Others that do not want to be of today’s working society walk themselves into the look of evil and use makeup to give themselves the walking dead look that pierce the thoughts of those that are not them.

The women of this present day that are not out to make a fashion statement are floating towards a more natural facial look using light makeup with true skin color blends only to bring out the natural beauty they were born with. Many women don’t need makeup at all and have natural looks that draw the pleasure of others who view them. But for the most part as age sets in makeup is used for a youthful appearance to keep the appearance of youth nobody wants to lose. Even men bow to the fact that they would like to retain the appearance of youth and keep the looks from and to they spent their lives taking part in going.

Some of the makeup looks being used since the 1980’s and in the present that form the wild and colorful look do not “Make Up” the personality of the person whom wears the makeup that is strange and wild even though the makeup is applied to give personality. Some strange people do wear the wild look makeup to fit in a cult of the strange whom they are but many women that do the wild side of makeup have the intelligence that are of women with a casual civilized makeup look. There’s a surge of well educated women with degrees and intelligent personalities whom wear the wild hair colors and baby doll makeup looks. Who knows what’s under the makeup of many until a look is taken through conversation?

Source by Jim Allan

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