MBR90 Mobile Wireless Router You Have All The Modem Options

Cradlepoint MBR90 is a Wireless Mobile Broadband Router which allows you connect to all the modem options including broadband DSL/Cable, Satellite, or 3G/4G modems for creating Wi-Fi network to share the internet. With presets TCP/UDP port forwarding for over 500 gaming, the router is convenience for gaming applications.

Should you build a wireless network in home to share the internet, you need a wireless router as the heart of the network. Should your home network connect to the internet, you need to signup for broadband internet connection either Cable or DSL. Cable and DSL are wired Internet and you can share the connection wirelessly with many client computers or other Internet devices using wireless broadband router which is designed to connect to either Cable or DSL modem.

Beside wired Internet, you have the option to use the wireless internet with 3G/4G cellular network technology. You can share a single Wireless internet connection with many clients using the wireless mobile router which is designed to work with any types of USB cellular modems to connect to the cellular network (3G or 4G). You cannot use the traditional wireless broadband router to work with cellular network. On the other hand, you cannot use the wireless mobile router to work with wired Cable or DSL Internet. But with MBR90 Wireless Mobile broadband router, you have all the options.

All Modem Options

MBR90 mobile broadband router allows you to create your home Wi-Fi network using wired internet (either Cable or DSL), or wireless internet (3G or 4G network). When you connect to the cellular network, you have many options of most popular modems from different wireless operators including AT&T, Bell Canada, Clearwire, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless (Alltel), and Virgin Mobile, Cricket, Rogers, Sprint, T-Mobile, Telus.

In home, you have all the available options for connecting to the internet with either wired or wireless internet with this MBR90 mobile router. With traditional wireless broadband router, you can connect to the internet by means of Cable or DSL modem. But for outdoor usage where DSL/Cable is not available, you cannot create a Wi-Fi network with Internet connection. But with MBR90 you can create Wi-Fi network either indoor or outdoor. For impromptu situations such as emergency response, off-site meeting, sporting events, or backstage at a concert, the MBR90 can help you create the Wi-Fi network and connect with the world with your team work.

The good thing with this MBR90 wireless mobile router is that when you connect the router to multiple data modems, the router failover to the backup connection automatically when the primary connection fails.

High Performance Network

MBR90 is powered by the latest 802.11n wireless technology to provide high performance Wi-Fi network with the range coverage up to 750 ft to support up to 32 Wi-Fi users and unlimited users via Ethernet. The router includes 4-port Ethernet 10/100Mbps for LAN interface and one 10/100 Ethernet port for Cable / DSL / Satellite modems connections.

Unlike the business class MBR1200 mobile router, this MBR90 is designed with gamers in mind with Game Specific Presets (GSP) – the presets of TCP / UDP port forwarding for over 500 games. With port forwarding feature, you can expose a certain port to be available in the internet and is accessible by interne users. Unlike DMZ feature which forwards all the ports to the exposed host, port forwarding forward only specific ports for gaming. The beauty with this router is that it includes the application Layer Gateways (ALG) which automatically opens and closes ports based on gaming traffic you are playing. This eliminates the complication of manual configuration.

For media streaming, the router supports Quality of Service to prioritize streaming media and voice over other non-critical data applications such as E-mail and files download or web browsing. This is good to assure the jitter-free and lag-free of the streaming video and gaming.

For multi-options Internet connection, Cradlepoint MBR90 is ideal solution for home wireless networking router and it is also ideal solution for impromptu outdoor usage such as emergency response, sport events, and outside meeting to keep connected to the internet.

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