Motorola Cell Phone Gaming One-Ups Pocket PC

If your Pocket PC RPG game forays need to be buttressed by Motorola cell phone gaming, read on.

TechNewsWorld broke the scoop on an exciting union that bodes well for Motorola cell phone gamers.

Chinese gaming company Shanda Interactive and Motorola have just signed the ink on a partnership.

Figures from the same article suggest a mobile game scene in China reaching a lofty US$714 million by 2008.

Fortunate Motorola E680g cell phone owners can now look forward to mobile versions of Shanda Interactive’s World of Legend and Magical Land games on upcoming customized versions of their handset hardware.

At least this will give some Pocket PC game aficionados something to grin about in the future.

Especially if you’re prone to display damage from an overly enthused stylus-stabbing six year old.

This will have to be in reference to future upcoming Motorola cell phone game releases from Shanda as I’m still yet to encounter a six year old capable of role playing game comprehension.

Pocket PC gamers will have to be content with using this as a Motorola cell phone platform backup while their iPAQ or Axim is docked, at least until some other titles are released.

As for covert gaming at the office, you may have to choose between staring fixedly at a Motorla cell phone or your Pocket PC.

It’s really no contest if it’s a matter of corporate gamer subterfuge as the former is decidedly more conspicuous.

Not that Shanda Interactive’s initial offerings are anything to sneeze at in the RPG category, though.

Admittedly, I haven’t played a whole lot in the way of Shanda Interactive titles.

It might have more to do with their immense popularity placed smack on the Chinese desktop PC game scene.

Still, it will be interesting to see how closely they can emulate the gorgeous anime-like visuals of Magical Land and the sharp, detailed textures of World of Legend, as evidenced by their screenshots.

The Pocket PC isn’t a slouch in the role playing game department, either, with popular PPC releases like Ancient Evil featuring the same Diablo-esque dungeon crawl creature kills as its desktop PC cousin in full isometric real-time lighting glory.

I’ve tried steadfastly avoiding desktop PC MMORPG games (massively multiplayer online RPG) games featuring large numbers of online players interacting in virtual worlds due their extremely addictive nature.

A recovering RPG addict, I have already succumbed to the frenzy invoked by Blizzard’s Diablo dungeon crawl hack-and-slash series on the desktop PC platform a few years ago.

Interestingly enough, these first two releases from Shanda will appeal to the darker RPG junkie side that seems to inflict so many.

Virtual denizons of the desktop PC virtual worlds in World of Warcraft and EverQuest (dubbed EverCrack by my colleagues) will know exactly what I’m talking about, and Motorola cell phone gamers could soon be foaming at the mouth for more.

I personally know of one World of Warcraft addiction leading to divorce.

By her account, her ex-husband was pretty chuffed about achieving the elusive Level 70 cap.

He perpetuated his delusions of grandeur during his real life career as a pizza delivery guy with strange and somewhat sad Superman-like bravado.

Post-divorce, his obese flights of fantasy resulted in some 90 pounds in weight loss with no one around to remind him to eat during his megalomaniac maneuvers online.

Most will probably agree that shuttling to and from a Pizza Pizza parlour out of the Greater Toronto Area isn’t necessarily conducive to ego-tripping.

Not unless you’re a powerful Troll warlock, I suppose. Invariably, I can see this becoming a domestic issue of gigantic proportions.

It seems like massively multiplayer Motorola cell phone gamers can look forward to that next hardware upgrade to the Motorola E680g.

More so than MMORPG-less Pocket PC game freaks, anyway.

Nintendo DS WiFi gaming is becoming increasingly ubiquitous as aggressive marketing takes off in parts of Asia and Europe, bolstering their position as king of the handheld wireless gaming kingdom.

This is even more telling as it flourishes in spite of initial WiFi game Nintendo DS setbacks resulting in irate forum poster feedback.

Once again another platform is stepping up as the PDA falls off the MMORPG stage like a Miss Universe pageant winner whose dress is just a little too tight.

We can still take comfort in signicantly larger displays and more prevalent VGA units, but hopefully PPC game developers will chew on this news and respond in kind.

Source by Damian Julien

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