Motorola Moto Turbo – Review


The noted Smartphone maker Motorola has come out with yet another mobile. It has chosen to call it as Moto Turbo. The tech geeks have been looking forward to this model from the company as they expected it to come with high-resolution camera, long-lasting battery and faster processor. Moreover, the makers had said in the past that the new mobile device would be made of premium materials and have screen with 2K resolution. However, this mobile is going to come with a price tag of Rs. 41,999. The tech analysts say that they can go for Sony Xperia Z3 or Vibe Z2 Pro with probably same features and less money. When this talk has come out, it is time for us to sit back and discuss what makes this new model from Motorola stands apart from others. This article precisely does that only for the benefit of the readers.

Look and Feel

In the past, Motorola had carefully chosen materials that make its models different from those coming from other established brands in the market. For instance, it had used wood and leather back panels for the Moto X series of mobiles. Working on the same lines, Motorola has used ballistic nylon to make the rear casing in this new model. In the past, the company had used the very same material to stitch the shrapnel-proof jackets for the soldiers taking part in World War II. The material is hard to scratch with sharper objects. It also provides excellent grip when the user holds this model. The front panel is dominated by a 5.2-inch touch-screen display. The user can see three haptic keys – Back, Home and Task Switcher – below this display. The chrome plating surrounds this sizeable display. The front and front-facing cameras are located above this display. On the backside, the user can see main camera and two LED flashes on its sides. From sides, this Smartphone has a plastic frame with rubbery texture. This rubber frame of the device connects the back panel with chrome plating surface. This rubber frame makes a chin at the bottom. He can see the SIM card slot in the Volume Rocker. A nana-coating on the surface provides protection to the Smartphone from liquid spillage.


The device comes with a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED touch-screen display. Its resolution is 1440×2560 pixels. The pixel density of this display is 565ppi. Gorilla Glass 3 layer on the display top offers protection from scratches. This display provides great viewing angles, excellent contrast and good readability in sunlight. Quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor powers this Smartphone. This processor clocks a computational speed of 2.7GHz. The visual quality gets improved due to the presence of Adreno 420 GPU. It comes packed with 3GB RAM and 4GB internal storage memory. The mobile also has onboard a 21-megapixel primary camera and a 2-megapixel front camera. The main camera has an LED flash facility. It connects internet and other devices with the help of 2G, Wi-Fi and 3G options. The users can do the data transfer with the help of micro-USB and Bluetooth 4.0 options. Apart from these, it also has infrared and NFC options to help the data transfer. The power backup for the mobile is given by 3900mAh battery. The operating system of this device is Android 5.0.

Source by Balakrishnan Lekshminarayanan

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