Review Of HP Pavilion Elite HPE-480t

If you are looking for modern, stylish, high performing and long lasting desktop PC, then I would certainly recommend you to go with HP Pavilion Elite HPE-480t. Of course, this Elite series model looks more expensive, but it is worth to spend on this computer looking on its performance and its great features. HPE-480t model can be used for commercial and for the homely use. So, do not hesitate to spend on this machine with great features. Read the following review to know more about this masterpiece.

How it looks?

HP Pavilion Elite 480t is a sleek computer that can fit comfortably in your small room. This PC with glossy black finish with silver and chrome accents makes your table more beautiful. The machine is fitted with 15-in-one digital media card reader, USB wireless LAN, mini pocket media drive and easy to access side panel.

Operating System

Like many other HP models, this computer also runs on Windows 7 Operating System. The operating system is available in three versions, such as Windows 7 Home edition, windows 7 Ultimate and windows 7 Professional. The functionality and the price tag depend on the version you choose.


HP Pavilion Elite-480t is designed with high speed performing Intel i7 processor. This i7 processor gives maximum speed and long lasting performance to your computer and functions better than i3 and i5 processors. The major advantage of this processor is the Turbo Boost technology. This technology supports your system to run with good speed.

Other Specifications

This is one of the best models of HP Elite series computers that offer high storage capacity. The hard disc capacity for this model with basic specification comes with 500GB and you can get the maximum storage capacity of 2TB. Small and medium organizations can run this system even with basic features. You can store more data, games, audio files, movies etc. if you choose the higher specification.

The RAM for this HPE-480t is in between 8GB DDR3 and 24 GB DDR3. The RAM capacity is also optional and you have the facility to upgrade the memory any time in future.

Advantages of HPE-480t

This sleek computer offers high speed performance in less power. The powerful processor and RAM increase the speed and life of the computer. This PC is highly useful for multimedia related jobs. There are also other optional features like Blu ray DVD player cum writer, tuner & personal video recorder etc. This PC fitted with highdef Audio 7.1 makes this machine a perfect entertainment hub.

Price Tag

With all the above advantages and features, one can guess that definitely the price tag would be more. Yes, this model even with basic specification costs around $1100. If you prefer to have many optional tools and advanced configuration, then you need to spend around $2000. This machine is grand even with basic features. You can also save on your price tag if you are able to use the HP discount coupons. So, visit HP related sites and find out the current working HP discount coupons to avail great discount on this model.

Source by Ravi Oza

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