Samsung PN51D6500 Review: 51 Inch Plasma 3D TV

Samsung Electronics have been quite instrumental with the innovative scenario of the present era. From mobile phones to air conditioners, from refrigerators to blu-ray players, Samsung has given best of the electronic home appliances to its consumers. One such inventive line up is the Samsung Smart TV. These advanced plasma televisions totally match their name and give interactive high quality television and services. Let’s have a review of one such television, the Samsung PN51D6500.


Coming as a plasma screen television, this 51 inches TV is quite thin and sleek looking. It has got brushed black metallic finish that gives the user a futuristic feel. The looks of the television are capable enough to make anyone fall in love with it. Also the looks make you expect more and from this thin powerful screen and it fulfil all your expectations too.


Samsung PN51D6500 is a 3D TV that means it can convert any 2D video into high quality 3D. An all HD model with 3D audio settings and cinema smooth settings make it no less than a home theatre by itself. There is DLNA availability through which you can connect various mobile devices wirelessly to access media content of various formats. This means that you can view videos and access audio of your phone directly on the television without even transferring it some other memory device and hence saving lot of precious time. Eliminating the conventional glass is the clear screen panel that acts as a clear image and gives the HD video output in a filtered and never a double image is formed. Also, Wi-Fi connectivity makes it possible to connect it to our home networks and access the World Wide Web through it.


When it comes to performance, this 51 inches plasma is far more than good. Like every good big screen TV, it gives you all the basic and advanced modes of watching television. You can watch the normal cable one, connect it to your tablet to watch the videos you want or push up a pen drive in the 2.0 USB connectivity hubs to get the best of multimedia you want. As it is a Smart TV, a portal called Smart Hub, where all Smart televisions link up is quite app and service loaded place.Here you can maximise the features of your television by adding the app and service you want.


Samsung PN51D6500 is one of the televisions of the future. When you buy such a TV, you need get worried about the advancements that are going to come as they are all taken care already. Coming in a suitable budget, this television is just smart.

Source by Tom Bab

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