Sartoria Caraceni

Men tend to have fewer choices when it comes to their wardrobe and suits, so quality becomes essential. It’s not unlike Japanese real estate. Scarcity taught them to value the small spaces and forced them to invest more into fewer but better pieces of home decor or furniture.

Modern men fashion has barely changed for the past 150 years or so. It’s a continue variation on the same theme: trousers, jacket and tie. Sometimes tighter on the body, sometimes looser; also, the length of the trousers might vary across the decades and from time to time the double-breasted suits come back into fashion. But in the end the men’s uniform remains the same. This, I guess, speaks about men’s lack of imagination or about women’s lack of observation acumen, or both.

This might be the reason why Sartoria Caraceni can continue doing the same thing, superbly handcrafted men’s suits, and still be enormously popular and fashionable with the European elites. Their clients, past and present, include: Silvio Berlusconi , Giovanni Agnelli and Yves Saint Laurent.

This famous Italian tailoring house makes only about 400 suits a year while employing 8 full time tailors. This translates, if my math is correct, in about 1 suit, per tailor, per week. Enough to say that they take their time, and that in a country famous for its people’s impatience. Obviously all this comes at a cost, about $4000 per suit (might be more now due to the collapse of the US$ vs the Euro).

Source by Alfred Mi

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