Significant Features And Problems In GSM Modem

The GSM modems or the Global System for Mobile Communication modem are specific types of modems which function with wireless networks based on subscription. These modems function similar to mobile phones as it uses the same technology. These modems use a SIM card and it can even be used as mobile phones in computers for better networking capacities.

Important Features And Benefits:

One of the major differences of these modems and traditional devices is that it uses radio waves to send and receive data rather than telephone lines. These devices are usually connected to the USB port or card slots in laptops and computers. Although these devices are quite generic it should include SIM cards as it is based on subscription. One of the main functions of the SIM card is to ensure connectivity of the modem to the provider and to identify the user of the device.

The SIM card includes all the data pertaining to subscription, user data, membership and so forth. These cards can be interchanged between cellular phones and modems quite easily. These modems are quite ideal to send and receive SMS as it is quite cost effective. It is used in most parts of the world due to its beneficial features. It is considered to be a dedicated device which includes a Bluetooth, serial and USB connection. Some of these devices include several other features too which is known to be an added advantage. These modems convert digital data to SMS messages.

These modems have complete control over hardware and also include dual channel communication.

Problems Associated With GSM Modem:

There are various problems associated with these modems and some of the most significant issues include the following:

* These modems seldom include mountable racks

* It requires a proper signal for effective functionality

* Hardware device requires its own power which can be quite difficult to achieve

* SIM card requires a contract to receive and send signals accurately

* Some of the virtual appliances seldom include serial ports which can be considered as a disadvantage

Majority of the modern smart phones such as the 3G and 4G phones use this technology. These modems can be used to access the internet quite easily as it seldom requires Wi-Fi connections. It is also considered to be less expensive compared to the other types of devices.

In some cases, the device may be unable to access the modem. This error is mainly caused when another application in the GSM uses this device as the modem can be used by only one application at a time. Most of the phones and computers include pre-installed software which may automatically open connections to the modem. So it is essential to disable additional software which might interfere with the working procedures of the device. Some of the other issues include inability to connect to the modem. This can be solved by de-installing the modem driver and then re-installing it again.

It is essential to choose the right type of GSM modem for specific applications as the features of these devices may vary from one another.

Source by Anamika Swami

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